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1. FIND Your Competitors' Secret Keywords For You To Target

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Looking SEO Services?

We know how tough it is to find qualified SEO services company to entrust with your SEO needs.

There are now hundreds of thousand and counting SEO websites scattered on the net that offer the most qualified SEO services companies and professional SEO specialists, only to discover that they are not delivering their promises at all! In fact they are just making money from you!

This is the cost you pay for venturing business online sometimes. It’s a big dismay but it often happens. What make us difference?

Years Of Experience Matter

Hi!, we are SEOHandy Elite Team, living here in the beautiful island of Talisay City, Cebu, Philippines. We have had remarkable successes helping different types of websites from small, medium and large businesses for more than 70 combined years now.

We have been so successful simply because we keep ourselves up to date in the ways that search engines rank sites, smartly apply the proven effective SEO techniques, provide what we guarantee and only deliver high-level service. Why You Need Us?
“We are a very satisfied client of SEOHandy. Our organic traffic has increased significantly as well as a dramatic increase in the quality of our leads. Their strategy and team efforts have contributed to a 43% increase in our sales. Don Ranker and his team have been great to work with...the bottom line is that SEOHandy delivers results...the rest of them just talk about it.”